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17 Signed Letters:

FB Jahleel Pinner
WR Nelson Agholor
WR Darreus Rogers
TE Jalen Cope-Fitzpatrick
OT Zach Banner
OT Chad Wheeler
OG Jordan Simmons
OG Max Tuerk

DE Leonard Williams
JC-DE Morgan Breslin
DE DeVante Wilson
LB Scott Starr
LB Jabari Ruffin
JC-S Gerald Bowman
S/CB Josh Shaw
CB Devian Shelton
CB Kevon Seymour

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  1. FightOnForLife! says:

    With Bowman not enrolled yet, does that mean SC can only sign 6, not 7? If that’s the case Agoholar (WR), Banner (OL), Shittu (DL), Williams (DL), Foster, and Armstead (Wishful Thinking)!

    • TributeToTroy says:

      Though certainly no expert on NCAA rules, it seems to me that 21 of our newcomers last year counted against the class of 2011. That would mean that 4 of our recent midyear signees could still count against last year (making a total of 25). Adding the maximum 15 we can take this year, our top end is 19 this year (including Wilson, Shaw, Starr, Wheeler, and Breslin).

      Assuming Bowman qualifies this summer and our 8 verbals sign their letters next Wednesday, we would have room for 5 more.

      • mark kingsbury says:

        Shaw doesn’t count toward the 15, only the 75, he is a transfer. Also, 75 is the number USC has to be by the fall. Their may be transfers out, and academically ineligible players that may factor before now and then.

        • Robert says:

          You sure about that? I’ve searched and could not find a NCAA link stating that a 4-4 transfer does not count as an intial counter.

          • mark kingsbury says:

            Even if not, he enrolled early, which would go to last year class, not affecting the 15 of this years.

  2. Old DT Sports Editor says:

    Has there been any discussion on keeping the class to 17 or 18 and keeping a couple of scholarships for kids who want to enroll early next year?

    • TributeToTroy says:

      That makes sense because (1) for every newcomer beyond the 14 already signed or committed at this point puts USC one over 75 total scholarships allowed next year and (2) rolling early enrollees into future years could help the roster stay close to that 75 limit in future years.

      However, Coach Kiffin has repeated stated that they intend to sign a full class this year and that they “have a plan” for managing the roster limitations.

      • mark kingsbury says:

        Yeah, remember Kiffin awarded 1 year scholarships last year to walk ons, Burnett, Andrews, and Markawitz. He doesn’t have to renew them. He isn’t bound to renew them. They could afford to go to USC before, I am sure they are perfectly happy to have gotten a free year. That would free up 3 schollies

  3. GAFARU says:

    My humble prediction is Banner, Murphy, McCord, Agholor & Lutui. I also believe there will be 1 – 2 surprises and we will consequently over sign by 1 – 2 players.

    Fight On!

  4. Old DT Sports Editor says:

    What is the feeling on the Armistad situation. The older brother hasn’t transferred yet, right? So is there any chance USC could change course and say he can play? Do the older brother have his degree? If so, if they want to play together could he transfer to another Pac-12 school and play right away. Underclassmen have to automatically get released from the first school and then they have to sit out a year if they go to a Pac-12 school. Is it different for graduate students or does the conference rule still exist. If it does, that would seem to rule out Oregon and UW if the brothers want to play together. I have a hunch he’s still going to pick USC. Just a hunch.

    • TributeToTroy says:

      Who knows what the deal is with the Armsteads, but I would be extremely shocked of Arik signs with USC.

      Armond graduated, but I do not believe the graduate school exception applies within the conference. I would guess that his decision to attend graduate school at USC this semester is more due the time line of semesters starting, transfer waivers needed, and medical clearance not being guaranteed elsewhere and not happening until after transferring.

      Update: According to Arik’s dad, he has narrowed his choices down to Auburn, Cal, Notre Dame, Oregon, and Washington and will announce his final decision on Sunday.

  5. TROBOB says:

    No Shittu on the list as a possibility or longshot?

  6. usc4life says:

    Agoholar looks great in all the highlight reels as a running back yet everyone projects him as a receiver. With the depth issues SC has at running back, any chance we can sign him to play rb? SIze wise he appears to be able to play the position in college.

  7. Old DT Sports Editor says:

    Would have rather seen Armstead at Auburn or Cal. Anywhere but Oregon.

  8. Old DT Sports Editor says:

    Banner picked the Trojans. Great get for the OL.

  9. Old DT Sports Editor says:

    Great strategy with the scholarship limit. Kiffin is starting to look like a mathematician. If they get one more this year, they will still have 4 scholarships they can play with next year for early enrollees. They will keep doing that and it can give them more than 15 each year. Great way to get around that limit. Very, very smart managing of the situation.

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