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Tevin Washington threw a touchdown pass and ran for another score to lead the Yellow Jackets to a 21-7 victory on Monday in front of a crowd of 47,922 at Sun Bowl Stadium.

Washington’s 1-yard touchdown run in the third made it 14-7, and he found Orwin Smith for a 17-yard touchdown pass in the fourth.

Barkley, the first three-time captain in team history, injured his right shoulder in a loss to UCLA and was not cleared to play. He clapped as the Trojans (7-6) took the field to face the Yellow Jackets.

Max Wittek tossed a 9-yard touchdown pass to Silas Redd in the second quarter, but also threw three interceptions. Redd also had 88 yards rushing on 17 carries.

The Trojans struggled to contain Georgia Tech’s triple-option attack. The Yellow Jackets (7-7) rushed for 294 yards on 63 carries while stopping a seven-bowl losing streak.

David Sims had 99 yards on 17 carries, but he got plenty of help. Zach Laskey added 60 yards on six carries, Lee had 52 on 10 carries and Washington had 16 attempts for 46 yards for the No. 4 rushing team in the nation.

Sims also caught a 3-yard touchdown pass from Vad Lee in the first quarter.

Lee and Washington combined to go just 5-for-10 passing, but two completions went for TDs passes and two more covered 26 and 49 yards and keyed two of the team’s scoring drives.

High-powered USC finished with 10 first downs and eight punts as Georgia Tech shut down the Trojans’ big-play threats all afternoon.

Wittek had four passes deflected at the line. His second interception came in the Tech end zone with 6:22 to go and the last came inside the Tech 10-yard line in the game’s final minute. He was 14 for 37 for 107 yards.



  1. Mario says:

    When you have the number one recruiting class in the nation, do you really think you’re suppose to stick with a QB that can’t even hit a simple slant? Good work Lame Kitten, your coaching skills are on display once more to end the worst season since Paul Hacket’s last year. Oops I let the kitty out of the bag, maybe, if I cross my fingers, throw salt over my shoulder, or throw some coins in the fountain and wish real hard this lame ass could go to the land of the Hacket. All our receiver recruits were watching this game. They saw Robert and Marquise melt down, for the obvious reason. We Are SC and have been way before KIff. The time to start feeling good about next season is now. Mr. Hadden, it’s your move.

    • Gordie S says:

      Relax, Mario, Relax. You weren’t saying this after last season. This team was overrated from the start, especially defensively. It was No. 43 nationally in 2011 and that’s not a championship defense. The fact that Monte Kiffin won’t be back is a very positive step. Lane has done a solid job leading through the NCAA mess. You may not like him. But the fact that he has a top recruiting class coming speaks volumes for his ability to sell the university and the program to high school kids. Yes this season was a major disappointment. But chopping heads now will likely cost USC many of the top recruits that have verbally committed, and that would be a mistake on top of the scholarship limits. We are two classes away from the limit being removed and now that we will have an inexperienced QB next year this isn’t the time to panic. The program needs as much stability right now as it can get.

      • Mario says:

        Gordie, I’m trying. You have valid points, specially when you mention his ability to sell his brand to high school students. That is my only concern. But, as for his signal calling abilities, I stand firm on my criticism. Remember, 5:40 left in the Notre Dame game is when Marquise lee made that catch on the two yard line. Needing two scores he exposed his play calling cerebral palsy. A total laps of personnel, time, and play calling awareness. He gave away that game, like the 2006 BCS Title game, that was his play calling as well. Yeah, what I’m putting down to ink can be considered a rant, but success is what attracts recruits. How much loosing has to happen before no one buys his cool aid anymore?

        • Gordie S says:

          Mario, I agree with you on the play calling. I would like to see Kiffin give up the play calling but I think young coaches tend to want that control. If anything leads to Kiffin’s downfall it will be his decision not to give that up and become more of an overseer. I think that getting away from his dad will make him a better coach. At least that’s what I hope. I’m guessing that if there isn’t significant improvement offensively next season, Haden will ask him to give up the play calling. If he opts not to, he will probably be out. If I thought for one minute that his presence was costing USC top recruits I would be ready for a change. But that is absolutely not the truth. He has a great class coming in and most of a great class from last year coming off redshirt seasons. So I am willing to be patient. To be honest, I’m hoping the defensive hire is a good one. More importantly to me than the offense, is the defense. There is too much talent there for these kind of performances. And no matter how good the offense can be the defense has to be in the top 15 annually and top 5-10 most years. You can’t lose games when you score 55 points and expect to compete for a championship on any level. As for the 2006 title game, I blame that loss on Reggie Bush. What the hell was he doing on the end of that long play? Kiffin called the play right and Bush tried to be all Superstar instead of going down and scoring on the next play.

  2. Trojan says:

    Kippen has a fundamental character problem which has and will effect his ability to lead. Give him all the talent in the world, but if he can’t lead that talent, USC will again lose a bowl game to a team with a losing record!

  3. Daniel says:

    No one likes to suggest that any person be let go (fired) from a job but too much is wrong with the USC football ship. It appears that Kiffin just doesn’t get it. Football is about passion it is not about Xs and Os. A head coach must inspire his team and coach them up during the game – not stand alone with his laminated playsheet that is not leadership. I wish Lane Kiffin well but for the sake of these kids Haden needs to send him on his way and find someone who understands what leadership and character are all about to lead this team.

  4. Daniel says:

    Kiffin is still the coach? I thought I told Pat Haden to fire him?

  5. dick reed says:

    Does anyone but me think that Pat Haden might be part of the problem. Was he brought in to be “Mr. Nice Guy” and get USC through its penalty period, as opposed to fighting the NCAA? Where does winning fit in with his priorities? My guess is that the university will end up with egg on its face then their fired coach wins his lawsuit with the NCAA.

    • Gordie S says:

      Haden is doing an OK job. People have to remember that we are still over a year away from being out from under these penalties. Kiffin had the toughest job in the country until the Penn State fiasco. Seniors and juniors were allowed to transfer, and he had to operate with 10 less scholarships than the teams across the field. I have no idea how that has impacted the situation. No one does. No one is going to argue that everything has gone smoothly because clearly it hasn’t. The thing I didn’t like about this year, other than the losses, was the fact that Kiffin seemed to create distractions that didn’t need to be there. And unfortunately this seem to a reoccurring problem throughout his career. The first two years, he appeared to have matured, and accepted the weight of the responsibility the program brings. However, this year he was back to some embarrassing ways. And I do think that it impacted the performances on the field. I have to think that Haden made it clear to Kiffin that a change on the defensive coaching staff was required, and that’s how the Monte Kiffin resignation came about. The hire will be extremely important to Kiffin’s future. I just want to caution everyone to wait until we are out from under the scholarship limits. Until then it is extremely important that each scholarship be treated as worth it’s weight in gold. And with this year’s class, Kiffin is doing that, even with the recent three decommits. It appears that Kiffin has a chance to upgrade each 4-star with a 5-star, including two of the best recruits out of Florida. The question I would ask anyone right now is who could we get as a replacement who could do as good or better at recruiting than Kiffin and his staff right now. He has 5 5-star recruits in this year’s class and it is possible that number could grow to 7 or 8 which has never, never been done before. So patience, people, patience.

      • Gordie S says:

        A perfect example of what I am talking about in recruiting just happened at the UnderArmour High School All-Star game. After safety Max Redfeild, a 4-star, decommitted and selected Notre Dame, Kiffin landed 5-star Leon McQuay III out of Florida. McQuay gives the Trojans the No. 1 and No. 2 safeties in this year’s class and both have excellent size to beef up the secondary. That is the 6th 5-star in this year’s class and there is a possibility of two more coming. So while the results off the field were disappointing, Kiffin’s recruiting performance through the limitations is outstanding.

        • Daniel says:

          No one doubts Kiffin’s recruiting ability. It is his game management and his pathetic lack of leadership that drives most Trojans crazy. Standing alone on the sideline like a mid-level Mafioso in the witness protection program just makes people scratch their heads saying what is he doing? Put down the friggin laminated play sheet and coach up your kids. USC needs a coach that understands that football is more about passion than it is about talent. Every year lower division and lower talent level schools knock off a traditional powerhouse program or two, especially during the bowl season. They do it with heart not with 5 star and 4 star players – with heart. And you can’t motivate that kind of football hiding behind the laminated play sheet.

          • Gordie S says:

            Now I’ve heard it all. USC needs to be more like a mid-level program just because a mid-level team pulls an upset once a year. That’s how you judge program? Give me a break. Let me ask you, did you think the same way at the end of the 10-win season under Kiffin last year? If you did, you were in a big minority. You are pointing to Kiffin’s play calling but was that the problem when USC scored 51 points in a loss to Oregon? It wasn’t the problem at Arizona, either. Face it, Barkley was a major disappointment this year and I don’t believe it is because of Kiffin’s play calling. Nor does the NFL where his status has dropped like a rock. You can’t blame Kiffin for the fact that Aubrey Walker came in fat and out of shape and never showed the ability to replace Kalil at left tackle. You can’t blame Kiffin for the injury to the center or the injury to Barkley that kept him out of the ND game. And you can’t blame Kiffin for the fullback-QB failing to hook up on a simple pitch and catch in the end zone. ND had the best defense in the country this year. If you want USC to regain that status quit concentrating on defense and start having higher expectations for the defense.

        • Mario says:

          Gordie, your not suggesting that Leon McQuay lll made his decision to attend our hallowed Halls because Kiffy sold him on our bitchin 7-6 defensive game plan are you? If you watched the game,( Under Armor ) he made it clear that his reason for attending was the proximity to Hollywood. He is an aspiring music producer. He spoke briefly about the coaches and spent the rest of his short interview laying out the reason for his decision( Hollywood ) . I’ve been reading all the posts, laying low. It has been my observation that you are championing The Kiff’s body of work. I guess thats alright, I guess, but If you were listening to what these recruits were saying, they are split between winning records (for their decision to commit) and playing time. In other words, the team needs some help in that area and they feel they have a chance to play right away. NOW Gordie, which one of these two reasons do you think the Kiff body of work falls under?

          • Gordie S says:

            Mario, the TV interview was short. Read the longer print version of his announcement and you will see that the family only considered USC because of their ties to Monte Kiffin from his NFL days in the Tampa area and that Lane had to enter the picture after Monte’s decision to resign and resell the family on the program and the school. Yes music had a lot to do with it. I am not championing Lane’s body of work as it applies to last year. That was unacceptable but to simply go on one year of wins and losses is just as wrong. He won 8 games the first year after several juniors and seniors transferred, then 10 games. Yes, 7-6 is unacceptable. No one would argue differently. But your contempt for him is obvious with your comment about his “look” at the Sun Bowl. OK, I get that. But right now is not the time to throw him under the bus. Let’s see the DC hire and let’s see if that improves the defense. One thing that I won’t do is judge him on what the media-hyped the 2012 team to be. The defense that was ranked No. 43 nationally in 2011. You don’t win or compete for national titles with that type of defense and it proved out in 2012. Now, is Lane responsible for that. Absolutely, as head coach he gets the blame. Only problem I have is nobody was saying Monte Kiffin was a bad hire when it was made. Many so-called experts claimed it was a great move. So all of that being said, my personal feelings are that making a change after just three years (two under heavy sanctions) would not be in the best interest of the continuity of the program. If we have this same discussion next year, then it is a different story. But I would temper my expectations until we see how the QB situation plays out. Right now calling for Lane’s head is just not right.

        • Mario says:

          Hey Gordo S, how do you feel about your boy now?

  6. Mario says:

    Hey Kiff, nice unibomber attire at the Sun Bowl. Seeing as we’ve al seen much sunnier days, one has to wonder about that shiner you must be hiding. was it friend or foe?

  7. Daniel says:

    Gordie – do you not read well? No one has said USC should be like a mid-level school or have folks questioned Kiffin’s play calling. It is his lack of leadership and lack of ability to motivate his players that is the problem. Pete Carroll’s teams always owned the 3rd quarter due to half-time adjustments. Kiffin’s teams get blown out in the 3rd quarter! Kiffin could not coach when he is 7-6 and he couldn’t coach when he was 10-2. I guess Haden is just keeping him on until the sanctions are over? Then he will go out and hire a real football coach. I hope. Fight On!

  8. Mario says:

    Man, this guy (kiff) better have a great season. I’m not saying it’s not possible but a lot of people are going to be circling like vultures at the first loss. As for Kennedy Polamalu, I’m not sure he was a good fit to begin with. And as for Kiffen, change or die. This saying couldn’t be more true. Your offense is so vanilla, how are you going to attract new recruits when the teams that run spread and mobile QB’s are doing so well. In fact it’s attracted the NFL. You don’t believe me, ask Chip Kelly?

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